Andorra is a country located between France and Spain. It has only about 85,082 inhabitants. However, it is a very attractive state, as each year it registers nearly 10 million visitors who are mainly tourists. To increase this sector, which is the main engine of the country’s economy, the principality has decided to open a casino and entrance to online poker there. However, she does not want to reproduce the American pattern and wants to remain moderate in this sector.

 Andorra is in the process of changing its regulations in terms of gambling. It was in 2013 that the bill was born which aimed to better control and enjoy games. This Andorran legislation concerns two essential points. First, it marks the start of construction of a casino in 2015. It is the only casino that will be authorized in the territory. It also allows access to online poker.

Only One Land-Based Casino For Now

Andorra wants to integrate gambling into tourism since it attracts 10 million tourists per year. However, he wants to do so with caution and avoid the model of American casinos where gambling becomes an addiction for a large number of inhabitants, especially since he wants to preserve his reputation. For the moment, the state only plans to open a single casino to give a moderate boost to its growth. It will also be the only point where visitors can play the slot machine.

The country’s objective is also to attract the attention of visitors to Andorra as a whole and not only for the game. However, the country does not hide its plans for the future, including a second casino which could well see the light of day. , if and only if the inhabitants exceed 100,000.

Legalized Online Poker

Online poker will also be integrated, but it will be strictly regulated. The country also plans to collaborate with the two neighboring countries, either France or Spain, on a market which is already regulated. However, a collaboration between the 3 countries is not possible, since France has already refused a sharing with Spain. The other alternative which presents itself to Andorra is also not to make any collaboration.

This bill dating from 2013 will therefore succeed. It will begin this year in 2015. With tourism providing 80% of Andorra’s economy, the introduction of a casino and access to online poker could serve as a springboard. However, the country does not want to become a country of games, but only a country where tourism holds an important place. It is for this reason that there will be only one casino.