Andrew M. Cuomo has just proposed to the referendum a project to build 7 casinos in New-Yok. Indeed, the state does not yet have real complexes and the flight of money is quite substantial. New Yorkers are also forced to look to Atlantic City for entertainment with casino games.

Certainly, gaming establishments exist on the territory, but they are only 5 in number and have nothing to do with the large complexes of the large casinos. It also has 9 machine rooms, but which do not meet the expectations of customers who prefer to look online casino Singapore. With the number of locals and tourists who come to New York each year, these establishments are not enough.

The inhabitants of the city have not only accepted this project with a big yes for the sole need of entertainment, but it is also due to other arguments put forward by the governor. Indeed, this enthusiasm of the population can be explained by two reasons:

  • the very center of New York will host a casino which is slated for 2020
  • the creation of a few thousand jobs which would strengthen its economy
  • these 7 establishments will be able to bring in 470 million dollars per year in the State coffers
  • the governor has planned, among other things, to inject $ 200 million into education, a concrete argument that has had its effect on the inhabitants of the Empire States.

The Project In A Few Words

Currently, the governor is in the process of selecting investors. He plays on jdl club competition to be able to offer complexes worthy of the name of the city. However, we know that these 7 casinos will be built quite far from the 5 belonging to Indian tribes. One way to show that it is not a question of removing them, but of boosting the sector.

We already know three of the locations where the 7 casinos are located. These are Southern Tier, CatSkill, Saratoga Spring Albany and Hudson Valley. These three locations will have their casinos built in about 3 years. The other locations will be known shortly.

The economy of New York State will therefore rebound with this project. The governor did not miss the opportunity so that there would be no more leakage of money. It must also be said that the United States is seeing the big picture and that with 7 casinos at once, New Yorkers will not go anywhere.